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BCN Dialer
The BCN Dialer is designed for people who only need to connect to the internet and do not want their email setup or any of their networking settings modified. To use it, click on the link above and hit the 'Open' button when your browser displays the download dialog. Please be patient as this can take up to 5 mintues.

XSpeed For PC / Mac
The BCN Accelerator is for people who are looking to surf the web up to 5 times faster than at regular dialup speeds, but don't want to pay $40 and up for broadband. If you are a BCN user, but do not have accelerated service, give us a call and we'll set your account up with this new service we're offering.

Note : If you need the Setup Tool or Dialer on a computer other than one already connected to the internet, you can save the file to a floppy disk or CD by clicking 'Save' when your browser displays the download dialog. You can then pick an appropriate location to save the file and then execute them on another machine.